Dent Team - Catastrophe Service

Catastrophe Services Provided By Dent Team:

Hail Programs Established By Dent Team:

In an effort to address the specific needs of both the automotive and insurance industries after a hail storm, our company established The Dent Team Hail Group.

Upon notification of a catastrophic event, The Dent Team Hail Group immediately mobilizes our PDR Hail Specialists. The Dent Team Hail Group, more specifically, our PDR Hail Specialists establish centralized repair center(s) specifically staffed with our on-site marketing team and experienced PDR technicians. Our network of PDR Hail Specialists promptly receives and addresses claims from Insurance Companies, Automotive Dealers, Fleet and Rental Car Companies, and Collision Repair Centers while our PDR technicians assist in providing quality fulfillment under each of the respective claim(s).

Our company’s approach is responsive to the automotive and insurance industry during catastrophic events.